Purchase of portfolios

In recent years, Kredinor has purchased portfolios with overdue receivables as part of its ambition to be the leading provider of credit administration on the banking market. Selling portfolios to a professional third party minimizes risk and improves liquidity for the business.

A cleared debtor book and reduced risk

Follow-up on unpaid claims is an area where the risk increases the older the claim becomes. We have extensive experience in evaluating and purchasing portfolios. Our solid experience with debt collection cases and follow-up of customers is important. Our expertise in debt collection therefore forms the basis for all activities related to the portfolios we buy. Selling a portfolio can be a very effective way to clean up your own accounts receivable book.

With a portfolio purchase, Kredinor can do what we do best – predictable and professional follow-up of end customers who are in a challenging financial situation. Our solid experience in following up debt collection cases that have been ongoing for a long time gives good results.

Reduced need for resources and reporting

Benefits for those selling portfolios are that the need for resources and reporting is reduced – something that can provide better liquidity and a significant bottom line impact. It also frees up time so that the employees can focus on other parts of the company.

Assessment without obligation

If you are considering selling a portfolio, we can offer a review and a free valuation of the portfolio, completely without obligation. The result of the assessment can give you a better basis for making the decision about a possible sale or whether you want to keep it and continue the follow-up of the customers yourself.

Good customer experiences, even in difficult cases

When purchasing a portfolio, we adapt the follow-up based on the experience we have and the data we receive from our analysis department. The goal is of course to find good solutions for people with unpaid debts. You, as the client, can rest assured that your customers will receive good and predictable treatment from us.