The purpose of Kredinor’s pre-collection service is to proactively and respectfully remind customers that their invoice is due, to prevent further charges or possible contract termination. Our client minimizes the number of cases for debt collection and reduces credit losses. With our modern system solutions, flexibility and high competences, we can take care of all or parts of the reminder and cancellation process.

Profitable customers through outsourcing

Kredinor contributes to profitability by professional follow-up of the customer, from reminder messages to payment follow-up until the payment is received. We offer a flexible solution, tailored to our client’s needs. We can strengthen the client’s own process with additional services such as SMS or outgoing telephony, or we can handle the entire reminder and termination process. We use effective digital services like Kivra and Swish, in addition to traditional channels. An invoice sent through efficient channels can speed up payment by several days. Our pre-collection service helps our clients spend their time more appropriately.

In a competitive market, margins can be small. Many of our customers see the value of leaving the pre-collection process to Kredinor, among other things to save on internal resources.

Integrations for Case Handling and Payments

Kredinor offers flexibility in integrations, based on the client’s preferences and capabilities. Through integrations, Kredinor can ensure that the status of cases and payments is always up-to-date in the client’s own systems. This provides the client with full control and, at the same time, frees up time for the further development of their own business.

Complete Overview and Control on Kredinor Online

Customer information and payment status are also available on the company’s login pages, Kredinor Online. Here, there is a log of communication and agreements made with the customer. There are also reports on payments and other useful information that can be valuable in the client’s own business. Having all information gathered gives you a good overview.

With a predictable payment flow, good liquidity and good customer experiences in all contacts, the added value of outsourcing increases. At the same time, customers can do other things that create value.
We stand for good customer experiences and updated reports with a continuous overview of all transactions, right down to the individual customer.
It is a certainty for customers that the same adviser follows them in the process

Hassle-free transition to debt collection

Our customers can rest assured that the task will be carried out in a predictable, professional and customer-friendly manner. If one of the customers does not pay, we can offer a problem-free transfer to debt collection. Here, too, we ensure good follow-up and dialogue with the customer.