Debt collection

Kredinor is a debt collection company with modern solutions in payment follow-up. We offer simple solutions for the end customer that provide fast payment and high customer satisfaction. For customers, we offer solutions that provide a problem-free flow, full control over the customers and the money into the account faster. While you free up time, we contribute to good customer experiences.

Specialist in Debt Collection – Across Various Industries

Kredinor has extensive experience in following up on unpaid debts and providing customer service in various industries. We have specialists in areas such as banking, consumer loans, sales financing, e-commerce, and telecommunications. Our modern solutions are designed to make payments fast and easy for customers. We focus on ensuring a high resolution rate while also ensuring that your customers have a good customer experience.

Debt Collection Should Be Treated as Fresh Produce

Our experience shows that the earlier a debt is sent to collection after the due date and any reminders, the faster the customer pays. If the claim becomes old, the collection process takes longer. Following up on an old debt is, in short, much more demanding and can, in the worst case, result in a loss. We follow up on both new and older debts, and over time, we resolve most cases.

Overview and Control of Your Own Customers

As a client, you have easy access to information about the status of all cases we are working on, either through integration or Kredinor Online. We offer both standardized and customized integration solutions.

A Large Customer Database

We handle everything from individual tasks for small businesses to complex tasks for high-volume businesses and cases. This means that Kredinor has an extensive customer database with information. Our analysts can delve into your customer portfolio. Here, we can calculate the likelihood of the customer paying relatively accurately – and which measures contribute to the fastest possible repayment.

Customer-Friendly Solutions

Through “Min side” on, end customers easily access all the information they need to gain an overview and payment details. Here, they can securely send messages, identified with BankID. If they need to speak with someone, our customer service and advisors are also available by phone.

Long-Term Debt Collection Follow-Up Yields Better Results

Sometimes it is unavoidable for debts to age and require handling over a longer period. Our subsequent follow-up ensures effective and proper handling of these customers. Over time, most customers with unpaid debts will improve their financial situation, enabling them to make payments. These payments strengthen the results for you as a client.

Full Access to Debt Collection Services Abroad

Kredinor has a dedicated department that handles debt collection abroad, and we can take on tasks anywhere in the world through our partners. As a client, you can rest assured that tasks are handled professionally and efficiently.