About us

Kredinor is a financial group owned by SpareBank 1 Gruppen and Kredinor Fonden with activities in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Who are we?

Kredinor purchases and manages portfolios of overdue loans, credits, and invoices. Kredinor also provides debt collection and debt administration services to the banking and invoice market through its subsidiary, Kredinor AS.

Today, the Kredinor Group consists of the parent company, Kredinor AS, and the subsidiaries Kredinor Finans AS, Kredinor Holding AB, Kredinor AB, Kredinor Finland OY, Kredinor Management Invest AS, Kredinor Employee Invest AS, and Kredinor Kapital AB.


Our values

The Kredinor Group is committed to delivering high quality at all levels. Therefore, we use modern technology and employ highly skilled professionals. We have ambitions to grow and become a very visible and relevant player in the Nordic region. We continuously strive to uphold our values of responsibility, curiosity, and credibility.