Sustainability is important for us at Kredinor. Sustainable development is defined by the UN as development that meets the needs of today without limiting the opportunities for future generations to have their needs met. We at Kredinor recognize our responsibility to make this world a better place, now and for future generations.

Sustainability in Kredinor

We support the work within the UN’s sustainability goals, and consider them as an important source of inspiration for our further work within the field. We also realize that sustainability is important for the rest of the business community. In recent years, we have experienced that sustainability has become more important for choices when it comes to us as a supplier. At the same time, sustainability is also important when we make choices. Kredinor has several references to the UN’s sustainability goals.

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Teaching People about Personal Finance

Our vision is to promote healthy economic conditions in the business world and society. We aim to prevent payment problems and debt collection cases by educating people about personal finance. By reaching out to the Swedish population, we want to create increased awareness of behavior regarding their personal finances and provide tools for change. We want to equip them better to meet the increased demands of society, enabling them to make various financial decisions in life that suit their own wallet – and the positive effects of having a balanced economy that prevents them from accumulating debt. Our main goal is to help people of all ages master their own finances.


The National Network for Financial Education

Kredinor participates in a large Swedish network under the auspices of the National Network for Public Financial Education, which includes approximately 95 members from authorities, organizations, and companies that collaborate, initiate, develop, and inspire each other on issues related to public education in personal finance. The network was established in 2010 when representatives from the financial industry, interest groups, authorities, and ministries gathered. It was decided to create a network to coordinate efforts and utilize resources. The network’s activities and educational materials are free and without advertisements.

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Collection rates

With experience from 1905, Kredinor has always taken social responsibility through a comprehensive range of debt collection courses and seminars designed for our customers. By increasing knowledge in subjects such as credit, payment follow-up and debt collection, we improve the quality of life for ourselves – at the same time that the financial conditions in business become more sustainable and well-functioning. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive advice to the end customer through customer service via telephone, chat and in My Side. Our goal is to help them get their finances under control and become debt free, which in turn will help them increase their quality of life.


Eco lighthouse

Kredinor is certified as an environmental beacon at four out of nine locations in Norway, including the head office in Oslo, with over 350 employees. Soon our other four branch offices will also be certified. We take care of the external environment through our operation in rented premises and by handing over unused IT equipment to professionals who destroy or recycle it in an environmentally friendly way. In Oslo, the lighting system is energy-saving and electric car charging is easily available. It is possible to rent an electric bicycle. When it comes to consumption, our waste is sorted at source. Kredinor is a certified environmental lighthouse in Oslo, Fredrikstad, Sandefjord and Kristiansand.

Digitalization and Efficiency

Every year, collection agencies send out millions of letters, which burdens the environment through paper usage. To reduce our environmental impact, we are accelerating the digitalization of all invoices and letters sent from us within five years. Over the past few years, we have been at the forefront of the digital revolution in the debt collection industry, taking significant and important steps in digitization, automation, and AI. We have, for instance, developed a fully digital payment solution, Let’s Pay, which is a user-friendly and straightforward method for paying invoices via SMS. Additionally, we have developed and modernized all our digital channels, benefiting both our customers and end-users.


Equality and Equity

At Kredinor, we know that equality contributes to growth. Kredinor has 459 employees, with a significant portion in Oslo and around 130 in branch offices. The company has 57 percent women among its employees. In the management team, the percentage of women is 30 percent, and in the board of directors, it’s 56 percent. Compensation is the same for equivalent positions. Kredinor works against discrimination. Measures include open recruitment processes, Human Capital Index (HKI) surveys, employee interviews, and non-discriminatory wage and employment conditions.